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Desire a one-on-one introduction to Pilates? This complementary 60-minute appointment session with one of our certified Pilates teachers will help you understand how Pilates can benefit you and help you achieve your fitness goals.

Learn how to use the Pilates Reformer as your teacher walks you through some of the most popular Pilates exercises using various pieces of equipment. Your teacher will work with you individually to teach you the best form and to ensure your muscles are properly engaged so you can get the most out of your workout.

Try Pilates risk-free and prepare yourself for Pilates classes! You may choose either the Free Pilates Intro Session or the Free Pilates Intro Class, but you may not choose both.

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Starting August 17th!


 The Free Pilates Intro Class is designed to teach you the basics of Pilates in a 55-minute fun, judgement-free group class environment.

Only open to new clients of Pilates Tempe, this class guides you through the fundamental aspects of Pilates. You will be shown how to use the Pilates reformer along with other Pilates equipment you may encounter during a class. You will get to try some of the most common Pilates movements, and how to align your body and engage your muscles to prevent injury and get an effective workout. You'll also learn how to build the mind/body connection to create physical awareness and help you understand your body.

This class is unique to our other Reformer classes. All class participants are beginners and exercises are designed to be accessible with modifications and and offers exposure to the most basic exercises and Pilates equipment. It is designed to prepare you for regular schedule group classes.

This class occurs the third Saturday of every month from 12:15-1:15PM and is available only to new clients. There are only 6 spots in each class.  You may choose either the Free Pilates Intro Session or the Free Pilates Intro Class, but you may not choose both. 

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New Client Package


Want to start your Pilates practice with a little more personalized attention? Take advantage of our special introduction private-session packages. These one-on-one Pilates sessions can be booked online with any of our certified Pilates teachers. Each appointment is then tailored to you, allowing you to focus on your own goals and help you achieve faster results.

Intro Special 30 Minute | 4 Pack - $140

Intro Special 60 Minute | 4 Pack - $240

Each includes four private session appointments, in either 30-minute or 60-minute lengths. Packages have a 1-month expiration and are available to clients that have completed an intro session or intro class.

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What is Pilates? (pi - LAH - teez)


Pilates is a unique system of stabilizing, strengthening and stretching exercises developed almost 100 years ago by Joseph Pilates. He created the first "Reformer" by attaching springs to hospital beds to help support, strengthen, and rehabilitate his patients during WWI. He brought Pilates to the U.S. in 1926 and began his lifelong work training dancers and athletes in New York City. Today, Pilates focuses on the lengthening of the spine and the strengthening of the core in people of all ages and abilities. We believe Pilates is for everyone and every body.

Benefits of Pilates

Total-Body Fitness


Whether you struggle with exercise, are recovering from injury, are an athlete, or want to add flexibility to a current workout routine, Pilates is for you! Pilates is an intelligent approach to fitness; it addresses your muscle firing patterns, joint range of motion, core support, and overall muscle strength. Learn how to change the way your back responds to day-to-day activities. Educate your neuromuscular system to respond with the appropriate, protective core muscle action. Improve your posture and move freely.

Weight Loss


Learn how Pilates can help you to change your body composition with gentle yet powerful exercises. Effective weight loss is best done over time, and Pilates can be an important part of your journey by helping to strengthen muscles and challenge the body. Over time, you can change your body by converting fat to lean muscle mass for a toned appearance. 



Muscle and fascia flexibility is an important part of muscle growth and overall health. Stretching of the muscles occurs throughout Pilates movements, and our exercises are designed to strengthen while lengthening your range of motion. Whole body flexibility helps to improve movement 

Sports & Dance


For the casual or professional athlete, Pilates can be used to decrease chance of injury and improve performance and endurance. Programs are tailored to your particular issues and objectives. The results include an increase in active range of motion strength, improvements in muscle symmetry (i.e., balancing dominant muscles patterns), increased awareness of movement habits (proprioception), movement efficiency and power, extreme core strength and overall muscle endurance. 

Adult Fitness


Feeling strong and healthy are key factors to aging. There are many fitness gimmicks and programs that do not address the issues of aging. We focus on functional issues, like spine degeneration, pelvic floor thinning, pulmonary function (deep diaphragmatic breathing), flexibility, and we also help you strengthen your everyday movements.

Prenatal & Postpartum


During pregnancy and postpartum, training the muscles of the pelvic floor and conditioning the deep layers of abdominal and back muscles will improve all aspects of recovery, including increasing core strength and decreasing lower back pain. Pilates helps to strengthen the spine for support during pregnancy, ease labor, and speed postpartum recovery and weight loss. (Note that you should always speak to your doctor before starting an exercise routine if you are pregnant)