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80+ classes for Pilates, Barre, TRX, Yoga, and LifeStretch

Pilates Reformer Classes

Reformer II

Pilates at its very best. A whole-body practice using the Pilates reformer and other Pilates equipment to strengthen and lengthen the body.  55 Minutes. All Levels Welcome.


A stationary twist on Pilates. A whole-body workout on an elevated and padded mat to gently challenge functional muscles using Pilates equipment.  55 Minutes. All Levels Welcome. 

Reformer III

A more challenging version of our Reformer II class. A whole-body intermediate Pilates class using the reformer and other equipment.  55 Minutes. Is this class right for you?Speak to one of our teachers.

Reformer - Lower Body

Reformer Pilates with a focus on exercises designed to strengthen the glutes, legs, and feet.  55 Minutes. All Levels Welcome.

Reformer - Abs Focus

Reformer Pilates with a focus on exercises designed to strengthen the core and abdominal muscles.  55 Minutes. All Levels Welcome.

Reformer - Upper Body

Reformer Pilates with a focus on exercises designed to strengthen the arms, back and chest.  55 Minutes. All Levels Welcome.

Floor Classes

Tone + Tighten

New whole-body workout using modern equipment and active music to keep your body moving! Each class is different and modifications are provided.  55 Minutes. All Levels Welcome. 


A fun, dynamic workout set to upbeat music. Strengthen the lower body and stabilize the core while using barre equipment to work the upper body.  55 Minutes. All Levels Welcome. 

Vertical Pilates

A modern alternative to Pilates in a floor setting with equipment.  55 Minutes. All Levels Welcome. Coming August 2018!  


Total resistance exercise.  55 Minutes. All Levels Welcome. 

Naam Yoga

 Vibrational therapy and healing music.  55 Minutes. All Levels Welcome. 


Fascia stretching for functional movement.  55 Minutes. All Levels Welcome.

Express Classes

Pilates Express

A shorter, fast-paced Pilates class featuring whole-body exercises on the mat. Great floor workout for those short on time! All levels welcome.  25 Minutes. All Levels Welcome.

Barre Express

A shorter, fast-paced version of our full Barre class. Great barre workout or those short on time or trying barre for the first time!  25 Minutes. All Levels Welcome. 

TRX Express

A quicker version of our full TRX class.  25 Minutes. All Levels Welcome. 

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